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Volunteers are an integral part of our success at Kaleidoscope. We welcome parents and other volunteers who help with events in our classrooms and around the school. We know these great events for our students would not be possible without our amazing volunteers!

To get started as a volunteer, you must complete the following two steps:


  1. Successfully pass a background check
  2. Create an account on HelpCounter

Background Checks


Because the safety of our students is incredibly important to us, any person who wishes to volunteer at Kaleidoscope must have a current background check on file. Background checks are valid for three years. All background checks will be processed online.


The cost of completing a background check is $21, which will be collected online at the time of submission. Please be sure a current background check is on file at least 72 hours before your volunteering event. Please note that turn-around times have increased, so submit your background check as soon as possible.


Submit a background check here





Kaleidoscope uses HelpCounter to coordinate volunteering efforts. On HelpCounter, volunteers can do the following:

  • Sign up for available volunteer opportunities
  • Review events signed up for
  • Log volunteer hours


To start using HelpCounter, complete these three steps:

  1. Log in via www.helpcounterweb.com/volunteer
  2. Create a username and password
  3. Select Kaleidoscope Charter School

Kaleidoscope Family Expectations


In alignment with our authorizer, Volunteers of America, families with students attending Kaleidoscope are asked to complete 20 hours of volunteering service each school year.

Questions or Comments?


If you have questions or comments about volunteering, you may email [email protected]