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Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

AM Drop Off

Busses - Use Lane 3 and drop off students in the bus lane on the North side of the building. Students will enter through the cafeteria door. Students are encouraged to eat breakfast prior to getting to their classroom or 1st hour.

Curbside - Cars will use Lane 2 to drop off students. Take a left turn at the front of the building and pull up as far as possible to allow other vehicles to enter the curbside lane. Students should exit their vehicles on the right side to ensure a safe exit. Parents are asked to be patient and not to pass other vehicles while they are in this lane. 

All elementary students arriving prior to 8:15am will be directed to the cafeteria. At 8:15am elementary students will go straight to their classrooms. 

Morning Drop Off Picture

Parent Walk Up - As much as we would love to have parents stop by or drop in, please refrain from doing so without an appointment. This will ensure that our guests are promptly seen and our front office and reception area will be kept to minimum capacity again to start the 2021-22 school year. There will be ample staff on hand to welcome all students and assist them to their correct classes if needed.  If you would like to walk your child up to the building we ask that you stop before you get into the vestibule. Thank you for your understanding as we continue to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic and keep all staff and students safe. 

Kindergarten Families: We are still trying to limit the amount of individuals in the building unless they are on campus for a very specific reason. We didn’t allow anyone to come in with their child last year as a result of COVID. However, this year DURING THE FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL ONLY (9/7-9/10) Kindergarten parent/guardians will be allowed to walk their child to their classroom.  We ask that you limit your time in the building and plan to exit the building as soon as your child is dropped off at their classroom. Masks are strongly encouraged. Thank you!

PM Dismissal

Busses - will pick up students on the East side (Front) of the building.

Parent Pick Up - We again will not be doing an inside parent pick up this year.  Parents who choose to pick up their child/ren at the end of the day will need to park in the East side parking lot and get out of their vehicle and wait outside of the building until their child/ren exits the building and joins them. There will be a designated waiting area on the sidewalk to the east of the playground. 

Curbside - [KCS will be following the same curbside dismissal as last year.] 

Parents will enter KCS in Lane 3 and proceed to the NE side of the building. Cars will continue to pull forward and need to remain single file. Student names will be announced inside the building. PLEASE HAVE YOUR CAR NAME TAG VISIBLE AND LEGIBLE! Students will exit the building from Door A and meet their vehicle on the curb. Staff will be on hand to assist and supervise students. Again, cars should NOT pass in this lane. Additionally, please be cautious of other cars exiting from the parking lot. 

Afternoon Pick Up Picture



It is important for the safety of our Kaleidoscope family to follow the procedures set in place. We hope that providing a well-designed plan, sharing it with families and reinforcing the procedure will create a positive experience and a safe environment for everyone involved.