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Our Mission

At Kaleidoscope Charter School, we cultivate community while inspiring students to grow and develop curiosity in life and learning.

Our Vision
At Kaleidoscope Charter School, we develop well-rounded individuals who achieve personal excellence through our inclusive community, family involvement, and service learning. Kaleidoscope empowers our students to be engaged learners and citizens. 

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Counselor Appreciation Week

Thank you for the comfortable space you provide our students. Whether it be a listening ear, a place to calm down, or a trusted presence nearby. Lastly, we appreciate outpouring of support and encouragement you give every day.

Thank you!

Kaleidoscope Charter School students benefit every day from the leadership and vision of our school board members. February is Minnesota School Board Recognition Month, so please take time to thank these dedicated school leaders. School board members devote hours of their time each week to provide leadership for our school district! #CelebrateSchoolBoards

We are hiring!

Join our team! We are looking for individuals who wish make a positive impact on our youth and aide in the continuation of making our school community a great place to be. Check out some of our current staff biographies on the webpage to get a glimpse into why our current teachers and staff say as to why they like being part of the Kaleidoscope Comets community.
You can visit our website to find out more about our open positions and as well as submit your application. Also, you are welcome to send you resume or any questions to [email protected]