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How We Teach

At Kaleidoscope we keep most of our class sizes at 24 students or below. Because of our small class sizes, our teachers are able to build strong relationships with their students. They provide tailored instruction and immediate feedback to all of their students.

Our teachers understand that all students learn in different ways. Some students learn best by reading material in a textbook, but this is not the most effective instructional strategy for many of our students. Many students learn best by participating in hands-on activities; many learn best by singing songs about the material they are covering, while others learn best when they are able to move around or work with classmates.

The talented staff members at Kaleidoscope are able to utilize the knowledge they have of their students to select the strategies they feel will work the best with each student. When you walk into a classroom at Kaleidoscope, you are more likely to see students learning about the root structure of trees by building a model tree than you are to see them reading about trees in their science books.