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Education. Reimagined.

The education of your child is a very individual and personal experience. It is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. That is why we invite you to come in for a visit – tour our schools, sit in on a classroom, ask questions, and meet with our staff. We invite you and your student to experience Education. Reimagined.

 “Education. Reimagined.” is the essence of what makes Kaleidoscope a great school – reimagining what education can – and should — be for our kids.

How We Are Different

Welcome Learning Environment

We are a growing, but intentionally small learning environment where people know one another. Our small classes allow for meaningful relationships between students and staff.

It is not uncommon to see an elementary teacher talking to a former student, now in our high school, about their plans. We honor traditional holidays such as Thanksgiving and Veterans Day because these historical celebrations not only have important connections to the material being taught but also allow for opportunities to build community within our schools.

Embracing Parent Involvement

As parents, you are welcome in our schools. We value your voice in your student’s education. In fact, we ask families to actively participate – an average Kaleidoscope family volunteers more than 20 hours each school year. There are many opportunities to get involved from team-making decisions about your child’s education to assisting in the classroom, chaperoning field trips, and participating in extracurricular activities. And our award-winning parent teacher organization (KPTO) provides support for students and staff.

How We Teach

Our approach is different than what you may find at the typical public school. We take a decidedly more hands-on approach. When we hire our teachers, the first thing we look for is their approach to going beyond the standards – beyond the textbook – and bring the material to life for your students.

Tailored Instruction

Because our model is designed for small class sizes, (our classes are capped at 24 students) we can focus on each student’s unique talents and needs. Teachers can provide personal attention, immediate feedback, and customize instruction to how each student learns best. They have the time to get to know and build strong relationships with their students. And small class sizes mean students form strong bonds with each other.

Motivating Each Learner

Our teachers understand that all students learn in different ways. Some students learn best by reading material in a textbook, but this is not the most effective instructional strategy for many of our students. Many students learn best by participating in hands on activities; many learn best by singing songs about the material they are covering, and still others learn best when they are able to move around or work with classmates.

We take assessment seriously. Kaleidoscope Charter School is committed to being accountable for the academic growth of our students. But instead of just teaching to the standardized tests, students are asked to show what they know at least once every two weeks.  Teachers will then determine if they need to go back to reteach the material. Grades K-8 are assessed in math and reading while grades 9-12 are assessed in all classes.

We maintain a comprehensive assessment program for all students, utilizing two different types of assessments: Formative and Summative. Read more about our assessment process under the Academics tab.

Inspiring Curiosity

Our talented teaching staff uses their knowledge about their students to select the strategies that work best with each student. When you walk into a classroom at Kaleidoscope, you are more likely to see students learning about the root structure of trees by building a model tree than you are to see them reading about trees in their science books.

What We Teach

We are a public charter school with curriculum guided by the Minnesota Academic Standards which lay out expectations for what students should learn and be able to do during each year of their schooling. The standards are created by the Minnesota Department of Education.  You can see the academic standards that guide our curriculum by clicking on the content areas below:


We employ a variety of supports including MN Reading Corp, Title 1, services for English Learners, Teacher Led Academic Interventions, and Special Education to allow all students to see growth and build confidence. 

The Kaleidoscope Choice means:

  • Small class sizes for inquiry-based, tailored learning: We teach beyond the standards and focus on each student’s unique abilities

  • Our teachers inspire students to learn to love learning, to be curious, creative problem solvers and independent thinkers

  • We prepare students to be confident, ready for college and the real-world challenges ahead

  • We offer a welcoming learning environment and are intentional in embracing parent involvement in their student’s education