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High School (9-12)

Our Program


The main goal of Kaleidoscope’s high school program is to prepare students for life after high school. We accomplish this through our AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) approach. AVID “fosters a safe and open culture, high expectations for teachers and students, and collaboration in all classrooms.” 


Another unique way Kaleidoscope prepares high school students is our Real World Ready Program, a required yearly course for all grades 9-12. Throughout the program, students learn interview skills, how to complete employment applications, and how to draft cover letters and resumes. Other topic areas include the following:



Students also participate in a Career Day and Job Shadow Day to learn about possible career opportunities.


What You See When Walking Our Halls


Small Class Sizes: Currently, our average high school class size is less than 22 students,  allowing students to have personalized educational experiences and the opportunity to connect with teachers for support if needed. 
Student Leadership: AVID teaches leadership skills through student goal setting and agency (learning through meaningful activities that are self-initiated with appropriate support from teachers). We empower “our students to be engaged learners and citizens” (Kaleidoscope Vision).
Supportive Staff Members: Throughout Kaleidoscope, staff members interact positively with students. In high school, you will additionally notice adults guiding students as they investigate and learn about colleges, employment opportunities, and life in general.
Cohesion: Our small class sizes make our high school students uniquely connected. Students in the same grade level form close, supportive bonds that often last for years after high school.
What We Teach

As a public school, Kaleidoscope Charter School’s curriculum is guided by the Minnesota Academic Standards, which lay out expectations for what students should learn and be able to do during each year of their schooling. The Minnesota Department of Education creates the standards, which you can view by visiting the Minnesota Academic Standards (K-12) website.

Into Literature aims to inspire a love of literature in students by creating passionate, critical readers. Students read literature that relates to their daily lives. The curriculum is scaffolded to allow for easy differentiation, with students receiving instruction in their areas of need and equipping students with the reading, writing, and speaking skills needed for success.
Kaleidoscope utilizes the Holt-McDougal-Larson sequence for high school math.
Various science curriculums are used to meet the standards (Physical Science Concepts in Action by Pearson, Biology by Pearson, Modern Chemistry by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and Physics by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt).
Various social studies curriculums are used to meet the standards (Contemporary Human Geography by Pearson, United States History and Geography by Pearson, World History by Glencoe, and Economics by Holt McDougal).
Our unique Real World Ready courses use Character Development and Leadership, Foundations of Personal Finance, and a curriculum created by Kaleidoscope.
Sculpture I, II, III
Ceramics I, II, III
Drawing I, II, III
Painting I, II, III
Creative Writing
Mystery and Detective Fiction
Dystopian Literature
Computer Math
Instrumental Band
From Rock to Bach
Music Theory
Intro to Guitar
Group Fitness
Team Sports
Lifetime Pursuits
Criminal Justice
Ancient Civilizations
Military History
Political Geography
Revolutionary History
Current Events
Spanish I, II
Teacher’s Assistant Program
Secondary Director
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