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At Kaleidoscope, we take multiple measures to ensure our students and staff members are and feel safe. School safety plays a significant role in academics and emotional well-being.

Visitors, including parents, are buzzed into the school building once they have identified themselves and their purpose for visiting Kaleidoscope. This process ensures only those with a legitimate purpose are in the school throughout the day.

Many safety enhancements have been completed during the 2022-2023 school year to ensure a safe and secure environment.

  • Shatter-proof window film has been installed on many of our outside windows.
  • Key fobs have been added to all external doors.
  • Classroom and office door locks are being replaced.
  • Revisions were made to Kaleidoscope’s Emergency Action Plan based on an Emergency Operations Plan Self-Assessment Checklist completed with Wright County Sheriffs.
  • Wright County Sheriffs trained all staff on intruder scenarios and response strategies.
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