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World's Best Workforce

In 2013, the Minnesota legislature adopted what is referred to as the World’s Best Workforce legislation. This legislation requires that a school board, at a public meeting, adopt a comprehensive long-term strategic plan to support and improve teaching and learning. 

Under the legislation, each school board is required to develop a plan that contains the following:

  • Clearly defined student achievement goals and benchmarks

  • Processes to evaluate each student's progress toward meeting the state and local academic standards

  • A system to review and evaluate the effectiveness of instruction and curriculum

  • Practices that integrate high-quality instruction, rigorous curriculum, instructional technology and a collaborative professional culture that supports teacher quality, performance and effectiveness

  • Evidence-based strategies for improving curriculum, instruction and student achievement.

The legislation also requires each school to submit an annual summary of their progress toward the goals in their World’s Best Workforce plan. You can view our World’s Best Workforce plan by clicking on the links below.