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Kaleidoscope Charter School is committed to being accountable for the academic growth of our students. We take assessment seriously as a means of determining what our students know and what areas we need to focus on. Sometimes students are assessed using traditional assessments, but more often they "show what they know" through authentic assessments. 

To measure our progress towards this, the district maintains a comprehensive assessment program for all students.

There are two types of assessments that are utilized at Kaleidoscope Charter School:

  • Formative assessments happen during the learning process. They are used to determine whether students have learned what was taught and help teachers plan their upcoming lessons to meet the needs of each of their individual students. At Kaleidoscope Charter School, formative assessments happen at least once every two weeks in all math and reading classes. The formative assessments utilized in our courses are designed to determine if our students have learned what we expect them to learn. Many of them are as short as three tasks or questions.

  • Summative assessments occur at the completion of the learning process or course. They are used to determine the achievement of a completed unit, course, or grade level. Many summative assessments are also used for mandatory academic reporting.