Imagine a school where everyone is welcome –

    At Kaleidoscope, we offer a welcoming learning environment. As a small community, we really get to know our students and their families. Small class sizes also mean there is time for more personalized instruction. We see our students grow in confidence, and find their voice as curious, confident graduates.

    Imagine a community of families, staff, and teachers passionate about your child’s education –

    Our relationship with our Kaleidoscope families is vital to what we do. Our hands-on culture means our parents are also very hands on with their student’s learning. The staff and teachers welcome parents to take an active role in their student’s education both by volunteering in the classroom and on field trips as well as working with administration and teachers to create an individualized learning plan that is suited to their child’s needs.  

    Imagine a school where teaching is tailored to each student –

    We are a public school with a difference – as a charter school we have more leeway in the way we deliver instruction. Because we cap our kindergarten classes at 18 and our other classes at 24 - our staff is able to connect with students on a deeper level. Teachers can offer more one-to-one attention. They personally know each student and each student’s potential.

    Imagine teachers who have the freedom to be creative and experiment beyond the standards –

    We teach that even though there may be only one right answer, there are many ways to get to that answer. Our teachers are willing to experiment with new ideas - to inspire students to be inquisitive. Everyone can book learn and take tests. Our students learn how to find solutions not to merely memorize answers. Hands-on means learning here is fun!

    Imagine a school where every child is embraced as gifted and talented–

    Because every student learns differently, each student receives a personalized program and instruction. We help identify each student’s strengths and weaknesses and spend more time where they need it most.

    Imagine a school where imagination is valued and rewarded

    Our teachers go beyond the textbook in ways that are more creative. Students are encouraged to use their imaginations, to dig deeper, to interact with classmates, to be inquisitive and come up with their own solutions. We get them using all their senses – whether it’s working with clay, caring for a crayfish, going on field trips to explore different cultures, or working on service learning projects.  

    Imagine a school dedicated to helping the whole child grow –

    No one slips through the cracks here. If a student is lagging behind or excelling in a class, teachers have the time to help and to challenge them to reach their full potential.

    Imagine your student learning leadership, ethics, and civic responsibility –

    Because we are focused on helping the whole child grow, our curriculum not only includes the core requirements, but also includes a healthy dose of character development - like ethics, integrity and civic responsibility - service projects, leadership, and career exploration. Our job is to get students ready for next steps. That is why character education is so important. 

    Imagine your student graduating curious, confident, and excited –

    When our students leave here as graduates, they are confident, career-ready, and prepared - not only for college – for the world beyond.

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