Real World Ready

  • One of the advantages of attending Kaleidoscope is that we have small class sizes which allow us to tailor our instruction to each individual student. Nowhere is this more evident than in the innovative Real World Ready program at Kaleidoscope High School.  

    The Real World Ready program was designed to teach students the values and skills they need to become successful members of our community. The concepts are vitally important to our students future but don't necessarily fit within a traditional core class. We consider Real World Ready to be a fifth core class which means that the students will have a Real World Ready class every day that they attend Kaleidoscope High School. Each year of the program has a different focus:

    9th Grade

    The 9th grade Real World Ready course has a large focus on character development. The curriculum is based on the Character Development & Leadership program created by Joseph Hoedel. Eighteen different character traits will be examined, such as respect, courage, composure, and empathy. Students will utilize case studies, discussions, ethical dilemmas and a variety of other activities to examine how these concepts will impact them in the Real World. During the respect unit, for example, students will investigate what it means to be respectful at their workplace, in personal relationships, and a variety of other environments they will find themselves in.

    10th Grade

    When they reach 10th grade, students will continue to review the eighteen traits that they covered in the previous year. In addition, they will begin to focus on career and college exploration. Students in 10th grade will research careers that may be a good fit for them. They will select a few different career paths and investigate the steps needed to follow to pursue those occupations.

    11th Grade

    Personal finance is the focus of the 11th grade Real World Ready course. This is an important time in our students' financial lives as they are beginning to think about banking or credit card accounts, taking out student loans and fending for themselves in the Real World. It is important for our students to be financially literate before making these life changing decisions. Students will utilize the Foundations in Personal Finance: High School Edition created by Dave Ramsey to improve their financial literacy.  The program covers topics such as saving, budgeting, debt, life after high school, consumer awareness, investing, retirement, insurance, the impact of money on relationships, careers, taxes and giving to others.  

    12th Grade

    The focus of Real World Ready during 12th grade is service learning and building a plan for their future. Students will be asked to participate in service learning opportunities and also look at how they can continue to serve the community after graduation. In addition, students will be asked to take steps to allow them to be successful after graduation.

Middle school student working in English class
High school student reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens