• IEP Meeting

    The IEP will consist of the student (if age appropriate), parents, at least one regular education teacher, special education teachers, service providers, and a representative of the school district. Based on the specific situation, other individuals who have a relevant knowledge of the child may also be invited by the school or parents to attend the IEP meeting. At the IEP meeting, members of the IEP will share their thoughts and suggestions about how the student is currently progressing toward their goals. This will often take the format of an open discussion about strengths and weaknesses. Once this is complete, the team will move on to talk about the goals that are appropriate for the child and the types of services that the student should receive. 

    Parents and guardians are an extremely valuable part of the IEP team. You can help prepare yourself for the meeting by:

    • Creating a list of your child’s strengths and weaknesses
    • Talking to your child about school and specifically about how they feel things are going