College & Career Planning

  • Graduation signifies the end of one period in life and the start of another. For many students, this may mean going on to college, while for others, they may choose to go directly into the work force or into the military.  Kaleidoscope’s Real World Ready curriculum directly aligns with these choices, working to prepare students for adulthood and the choices and events that come with it. The counselor is also available to assist the student as they begin their preparation through assistance with college and job-related tasks.Choosing a career

    If hoping to attend a college, there are some common factors that post-secondary institutions will consider, including grade point average (GPA), high school courses completed, test scores, community/school involvement, and letters of recommendation from non-family members. Examples of entrance requirements include:

    • Community Colleges – traditionally require a high school diploma and completion of the Accuplacer exam (available on the school’s campus)
    • Technical Colleges – traditionally require a diploma and a foundation of skills in their core subject area
    • Minnesota State Universities – typically require a minimum ACT score of around 21 and minimum course requirements that are slightly more rigorous than the state’s graduation requirements
    • Private Colleges and Universities – often require more vigorous high school coursework, such as four years of math and a minimum of two years of a foreign language, as well as a higher GPA and higher ACT score
    • Military – requires a diploma and a minimum score on the ASVAB exam

    When a student begins considering specific schools, we encourage further research directly associated with that school, whether that be speaking with an advisor or reviewing their website. This information can help guide the student’s class and extracurricular choices. If a student is considering entering the military, it is recommended that they contact a recruitment center for more information.  

    If a four-year college doesn’t seem like the right fit for you, then it’s time to begin exploring career options. The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities have an informative website where you can explore careers, assess your skills, and plan your future. You can find more information here: