Graduation Requirements

  • To graduate from Kaleidoscope High School, students must meet both the minimum graduation requirements set by the state of Minnesota as well as additional local requirements adopted by our district. Graduation requirements are defined in terms of credits.

    A course credit is equivalent to a student successfully completing an academic year of study or mastering the subject matter. A half credit is equivalent to passing a semester length course. In order to graduate from Kaleidoscope High School, students must successfully complete a minimum of 22.5 credits as follows:

    Language Arts - 4 Credits

    Math - 3 Credits

    Must include algebra, geometry, statistics, and probability sufficient to meet the standards. Courses taken must include Geometry and Algebra II. If Algebra I is taken after 8th grade, it will count as an elective credit but not a math credit.

    Science - 3 Credits

    Must include Biology as well as Chemistry or Physics.

    Social Studies - 3.5 Credits

    Courses must be completed in U.S. History, Geography, Government/Citizenship, World History, and Economics.

    Art & Music - 1 Credit

    Physical Education - .5 Credit

    Health - .5 Credit

    Real World Ready - 4 Credits

    In addition to the graduation requirements above, most colleges and universities require students to complete a minimum of two years of a foreign language during high school. Students should check the admissions requirements of post secondary institutions they are interested in attending.

    Students will be placed into math classes based on the recommendation of their math teacher, and some placements may require students to take a fourth year of math.

    Although circumstances may require school leadership to alter the exact placement of students into courses (students transferring to Kaleidoscope, credit recovery, etc.), a recommended pathway which is followed by the majority of our students is shown below.





Graduates during commencement
Recommended Pathway