4th Grade Specials

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4th Grade Art

  • Welcome to the art studio.  Students will cover a wide variety of media and engaging problem-solving opportunities this year. 

    To begin the year, we will start exploring the question:  How do artists communicate?  Students will have the opportunity to communicate who they are, without using their likeness.  They will be asked to think critically, like an artist, and create a work that is personal and meaningful to them.

    As the year progresses our areas of questioning will change: How do artists work?  What makes artwork successful?  How does art history impact me?  How do artists collaborate? 

    Our media will be varied and encourage a great deal of experimentation.  The philosophy regarding supplies is simple:  if you have a reason to use it, then you should.  Students will not be limited to what they use, instead they have access to what they might need.  Our basic units by media are: printmaking (monoprint, collagraphy, relief), earthenware clay, aluminum embossing, acrylic paint and drawing media.

    Please mark your calendar for these important art dates: 

    March 6th Evening of Surrealism

    March 22nd Messy Art Night

    May 3rd Evening of Fine Arts and I Madonnari Festival

4th Grade Music

  • To begin the year, we will start exploring the question: What does it mean to be a good musician? We will review note values, duple and triple meters, and pentatonic scales. As the year progresses we will learn major/minor scales, I-V harmony, compose 4-measure rhythmic pieces, and beginning recorder repertoire.

    Questions we will be looking at will include: How does music differ across cultures and genres? How can music create mood? When do the roles of musician and composer blend? Why do we perform?

    Our media will include speech, song, movement, and instrument playing. The process usually includes imitation, exploration, and improvisation.

    Please mark your calendar for these important music dates:

    Tuesday, December 17, 2019 6:30 PM Elementary Music Program

    Thursday, May 14, 2020 6:30 PM Elementary Music Program

Elementary Band

  • All band students are expected to utilize consistent home practice to facilitate efficient classroom rehearsals.  Fluency in concert Bb, Eb, F, and Ab scales are a goal.  I expect to be able to communicate with the students using basic music terms beginning with articulations, dynamics, and tempos, and expanding to styles, phrasing, and expressive tone quality (to name a few).

4th Grade Physical Education

  • Welcome to KCS Physical Education (PE)

    Students will explore a wide variety of activities this year:

    • Improving on exercises to strengthen our core as well as upper body and legs. 
    • Proper ways to stretch our muscles during warm ups.
    • Progressing in drills, skills, and lead up game activities that are individual, dual, and team oriented.
    • Character qualities such as:  Good Sportsmanship, Cooperation, Attitude, Self-control
    • Our Overall Health:  Food, Exercise, Sleep, Hygiene

    Questions we will consider and focus on throughout the year are:

    • How can we move effectively?
    • How can we become responsible in PE?
    • How can PE improve our health?

    Specific events we will engage in this year include:

    • After school Floor Hockey
    • Jump Rope & Hoop for Heart
    • Karate
    • Track & Field Day in May!!

4th Grade Spanish

  • ¡Bienvenidos amigos! Students in 4th grade will be engaging in the Spanish language through a yearlong exploratory unit that examines the animal kingdom. We will be answering multiple questions, including; What do animals look like? Where do they live? How do they interact with their environment? What do they eat?

    We will  “travel”  to Latin America to see what culture can be found in the animals’ natural habitats, such as the Amazon Rainforest in South America and the Atacama desert in Chile.

    Students will have the opportunity to take what they are learning in Spanish class this year and apply it to a final book demonstrating all they have learned in the language and culture.

    I invite you to engage in your students learning and ask them what they can teach you in Spanish each week, you won’t be disappointed! I am so excited to meet and grow with all of your future linguists! ¡Hasta Luego!

4th Grade Technology

  • Welcome to technology!  To start this year, students will be learning and refreshing their keyboarding skills.  We will also be learning about what it means to be a Digital Citizen, and how to be safe on the internet.  Later in the year we hope to work on some beginning coding as well as research skills.  We will be working with classroom teachers to build skills that will be useful in the classroom, as well.