1st Grade Specials Schedule

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1st Grade Art

  • “The world is but a canvas to the imagination.” – Henry David Thoreau

    Greetings and welcome to art class! This year students will be using a variety of media, from crayons to clay, to explore their artistic side while engaging in creative, problem-solving opportunities.

    One of the first essential questions we will be exploring this year is “How does art communicate meaning?” Students will be able to identify the various elements and principles used in art and how artists use them to convey meaning.  They will be asked to use this knowledge to think critically and create a piece of work that communicates who they are as an individual.

    As we continue into the year we will also be addressing the questions: How do artists work? How do artists collaborate? How does art history impact me? What makes artwork successful?

    Please mark your calendar for these important art dates:

    March 6th Evening of Surrealism

    March 22nd Messy Art Night

    May 3rd Evening of Fine Arts and I Madonnari Festival

1st Grade Music

  • In 1st grade, students expand their view of music with a little more depth than in kindergarten.  Multi-part interaction with simple instrument parts are slowly integrated in the further understanding of being musical.

1st Grade Physical Education

  • During the year, we will be learning how to move our bodies safely through playing exciting activities and trying new skills. As we think about how P.E. can help us move and feel better, we will ask questions such as: How can we move effectively? How can we become responsible in P.E.? How can P.E. improve our health?

    We will participate in several events throughout the year including Jump Rope & Hoops for Heart, Karate and Track & Field Day.

1st Grade Spanish

  • Bienvenidos a Spanish Class!  Spanish scholars will be exposed to Spanish language and culture through many avenues, such as song, acting, and mini conversations.  In 1st grade we begin choral reading, partner reading, and individual reading in the Spanish language.

    Entering the year, students will be review and explore new greetings from around the Spanish-speaking world. Additionally, we will be covering past numbers, adding new numbers, and applying that knowledge to the math that they are working on with their classroom teachers.

    Body parts vocabulary will be introduced next.  Students will be learning real-life sayings that will go along with this unit.  Putting vocabulary and grammar together in this unit will help us begin reading books in the target language. Colors and color phrases with verbs will be introduced next.  To incorporate colors and numbers, students will learn new shapes.  This allows students to continue building up their vocabulary in the target language.