Ceramics I Students learn introductory pottery skills, and they will also explore the unique pottery forms of different cultures as well as the role that pottery has played in the history of mankind. There is a $20.00 lab fee as well as a required sketchbook.

    Ceramics II Students will continue exploring wheel-thrown and hand built forms. Self-proposed, in-depth projects will make up the bulk of the coursework.

    Drawing I This introductory drawing course will be rooted in representational drawing. Students will explore: contour, gesture, value, portraiture drawing, and traditional media and technology. With that acquired knowledge, students will then complete open-ended assignments based on Surrealism and their own personal history. There is a $20.00 lab fee as well as a required sketchbook.

    Sculpture I This introductory 3-D course will have students working with a variety of media and techniques including clay, mixed media, and relief. Students will work observationally and creatively in this class. There is a $20.00 fee as well as a required sketchbook.