• Mr. Young's music classes



    All students are invited to be a part of our Instrumental Band program. Instruments would include any woodwind instrument, brass instrument, and percussion. Our focus is to build a confident music reader, while enhancing the student’s understanding of expression and mechanics in an ensemble setting. Some of these concepts include balance, blend, melody vs. harmony, articulation, theme and variation and more. Musical experience is not required, however a commitment to learning and home practice is vital. There will be at least two groups as we divide students up into beginning and intermediate level abilities. Students are required to provide their own instruments.


    From Bach to Rock

    Music from all sides! We will study several genres of music, a little history, some theory, and a chance to try some composition (with theory knowledge). If you like music, then you will like taking a closer look at it, from the writing process, to the recording process. We will study lyrical, as well as melodic composition. Music is all around us in movies, video games, TV, as well as many more. This course is for musicians and non-musicians alike.