• Language Arts 9 

    In this course, students will participate in the study of short stories, non-fiction, YA fiction, poetry, and Shakespeare. Students will write numerous essays to work on grammar, usage, and mechanics, with a focus on argumentative writing. Students will also analyze the influence of culture on the author. Required reading: Romeo and Juliet, The House of the Scorpion, and To Kill a Mockingbird

    Language Arts 10

    In this course, students will continue to build off the skills they obtained in Language Arts 9. Students will pay special attention to various elements and narrative techniques in their own writing and fiction/non-fiction. Students will also analyze and author's background, style, and voice. Required reading: Night and Life of Pi.

    Language Arts 11

    In this course, students will continue to build off the skills from LA 10. Students will study various literary eras and analyze how historical events have shaped American Literature. A Shakespeare unit will also be included. Require reading: The Crucible, Into the Wild, The Great Gatsby, and A Midsummer Night's Dream

    Language Arts 12

    In this course, students will continue to build off the skills from LA 11. Students will study different American and British literary eras, while also analyzing how these movements shaped society. Students will apply this knowledge to various novel units, culminating in a study of how novels portray the human condition. Required reading: Beowulf, Frankenstein, and independent study

    Creative Writing (Elective)

    In this course, students will learn narrative techniques to strengthen their creative writing skills. Students will participate in writing short stories, creative non-fiction, and more. Students will also keep daily journals, and work to refine their editing skills. 

    Dystopian Literature (Elective) 

    Are you a fan of novels that place in a strange future, like The Hunger Games, Divergent, or the Maze Runner? In this course, students will read classic dystopian novels, as well as look at current trends in young adult fictuion and film. Course work will require students to read three novels throughout the semester, create project, compose analytical writings, and participate in class discussions.