• Real World Ready 9

    Real World Ready 9 is required for all freshman. This course is designed to teach important character traits and reflect on the role that they play in students’ lives. The course is based on Character Development and Leadership curriculum created by Dr. Joseph Hoedel. In addition, this class will discuss study and organizational skills.

    Real World Ready 10

    Real World Ready 10 is required for all sophomores. In addition to continued discussion of the character traits taught in the previous year, Real World Ready 10 will give students an opportunity to begin planning their future by researching desired careers and paths to achieve those.

    Real World Ready 11

    Real World Ready 11 is required for all juniors. Personal Finance will be the focus of this course. Dave Ramsey’s Foundations of Personal Finance: High School Edition will be used as a guide to help students understand the impact that personal finance will have on their lives. Topics include saving, budgeting, credit, debt, financial planning, insurance, income, taxes, and giving.

    Real World Ready 12

    Real World Ready 12 is required for all seniors. In this course, students will develop an executable plan for their future. This will include planning a path to get into their desired career as well as looking at ways that service learning can play a role in their lives