Language Arts Curriculum

  • Literacy is at the core of our language arts curriculum and Kaleidoscope Charter School has adopted curriculum to help develop our students as readers.

    Kaleidoscope was the first public school in the nation to pilot the Logic of English (LOE) curriculum, which has now been adopted for grades K-3. LOE is based on phonemic awareness and encourages students to understand the “why” behind the skills of reading and spelling.

    To help build reading comprehension skills, Kaleidoscope has adopted the Read for Real curriculum for students in 3rd through 5th grade. The curriculum promotes reading across the content areas and teaches students skills to make sense of what they have read.

    Writing is another important skill taught in language arts. It is our belief that students who can write well can also read well. This is because of the strong correlation between the two skills. Kaleidoscope has adopted the Strategies for Writers curriculum for students in 2nd through 8th grade. Strategies for Writers utilizes various writing tasks to teach students how to convey their messages. It is based on the 6 traits of writing which include:

    • Ideas
    • Organization
    • Voice
    • Word Choice
    • Sentence Fluency
    • Conventions

    Students in the Middle School and High School dig deeper utilizing the McDougal Littell Literature series to investigate concepts such as author’s purpose, bias and the comparison and contrast of multiple works.  

Logic of English
Read for Real
Strategies for Writers
McDougal Littell Literature