Food & Nutrition Services FAQs

  • School lunches served in our school meet the federal nutrition standard for school meals. Lunch offers protein-rich foods, vegetables, fruit, rich whole grain break and a milk choice. Children who bring lunch from home may also purchase milk in the cafeteria. Below are some frequently asked questions about our Food Service program.

    What’s for Breakfast?

    The breakfast menu is posted on 

    How do we sign up for school breakfast?

    Pre-ordering is not required for breakfast. Students may simply stop by the cafeteria, select the meal they want, and check out using their student ID number.

    How much does Breakfast cost?

    $1.90 Students, free for Free and Reduced students

    *Breakfast is free for all kindergarten students and students in the Free or Reduced Lunch Program

    What’s for lunch?

    The lunch menu is posted on the Kaleidoscope website. It also is emailed out twice a month by Lynn Borwege with a link to each family’s individual account to order meals. Since this is emailed it is important to have the correct email address for each family.

    How do we sign up for school lunch?

    Those who wish to eat hot lunch must follow a two-step process:

    1. Preorder the meals they plan to eat

    2. Pre-pay for the meal

    How are lunches ordered?

    As in years past, families will continue to have an individual link for ordering lunches. This link will be emailed out twice a month by Lynn Borwege. Once families login, they will need to select the lunches they want their child to eat. A family does not need to have a balance in their lunch account to order meals, however, the account should have a balance in their account at the time that the meal is eaten.

    How can we deposit money into our lunch account?

    Parents can deposit money into their lunch account by putting cash or check into the “Lunch Money” mailbox in the main office. Parents can also use their online lunch account to pay for lunches with a credit or debit card. Parents can access their lunch account by clicking here.

    Will I know if my student has eaten a school lunch?

    Once money is place in your account, it will be deducted based on the lunches eaten by your student. Click here to access your family's lunch account. The first time you do this you will need to have a family key code. Contact Lynn Borwege to receive a code if you do not have one.

    How much does lunch cost?

    $3.65 Students (includes milk)

    $.50 Milk Only

    Where can I find my student’s ID number?

    Students will check-out in the lunch line using his/her student ID number. All student’s will be provided reminder cards at the beginning of the year to help them remember.

    Where can I find nutrition information about school lunches?

    Who do I contact if I have questions?

    Questions about our lunch program can be directed to Lynn Borwege, our Food Service Director at