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Kaleidoscope Charter School

Julie Knollenberg

Week of April 11th - 17th 

Happy Friday Families!

I hope you had a great week. We just got in from a fun discovery time outside.  It was fun watching the children play in the fresh air.  We have had another busy week of learning.  This morning we spend time studying about butterflies and creating beautiful flowers and butterflies.

It is fun listening to the children read and write.  They are truly blossoming into amazing little learners.  It is hard to believe first grade is around the corner.  This time of year the push is on to make sure I have the students prepared for first grade.  It’s always sad to think the end is in sight.  They are a great group of kiddos.

This week in math we spend a great deal of time identifying and counting money.  This seems to be a hard concept for the children.  To help the children with coin identification and counting I need your help.  Last year I had the children bring in a bag of coins.  They each had their name on their bag and the money was sent home after our money unit.  I would greatly appreciate if you could sent the following coins to school with your child by Tuesday:

10 pennies

10 nickels

10 dimes

4 quarters

Please send the money in a ziplock bag with your child’s  names on the bag.  We will be using their bag of money over the next 4 weeks.

We will be having our Easter egg hunt this coming Thursday.  Thank you to all of you that have already brought in 12 filled eggs.

If you haven’t brought in 12 filled eggs please sent them with your child by Wednesday.  I am also in need of 2 or 3 parents to put out the eggs on Thursday morning around 9:00.  If you would like to help please drop me an email.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

Just a reminder we do not have school on April 18th and 21st.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Julie Knollenberg
Kindergarten Teacher
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